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Portable Home Photo Studio

Portable Home Photo Studio

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Photo Studio box helping your product photography

Product photography is usually done indoors and photographers need a neat and spotless background to capture the essence of the product. With a photo studio lightbox, this need is easily remedied. It is easy to assemble and easy to carry thus allowing you to click the pictures with utmost perfection and clarity. Whether you are using your phone camera or a professional camera, this photo studio box kit will help you take high-resolution pictures while saving your space and time.

Thin, foldable, and portable

Although product photography is carried in-doors, it does not have to be your home. Sometimes, you have to step out to some other venue to take your product’s pictures and you need a professional background. Photo studio in a box comes to the rescue, it is quickly set-up, thin, durable. You can easily take it along with you anywhere. The box is convenient to carry, it is lightweight and can be packed in the photo studio box case.

LED controlled manually

Light is extremely important when it comes to imaging the products. This photo studio softbox kit comes with a light adjustment LED that can be controlled manually. Moreover, the LED panel is rotatable, so that you can adjust brightness in accordance with your specific requirements. There are two built-in panels of the LED to provide optimum light contrast ranging from 0k to 5500k.

With optimized lighting and imaging angle options

Product imaging can be done in various angles including:

  • Top shot
  • Narrow front shot
  • Wide front shot

The design of the mini photo studio lightbox is inspired by studio lighting in which the main light centers directly on the object. All other lights also disperse in a way that they bounce back to highlight the very object. The background fabric is made with soft polyester fabric to maximize light centering on the product to be captured.

Four different background colours

The soft polyester fabric is used to make the tidy background which comes in the following four colours:

  • White
  • Green
  • Black
  • Blue

These different colours of background in the photo studio box kit help to adjust the colour temperature. These different products are used in accordance with the product so that the image captured is of high-quality and without any fault in the pixels.


Perfect to play with your creativeness

A photo studio in a box is like your own studio with a professional lighting set-up. You have the camera, the product, and the photo studio kit to get all the more creative. Play with these elements in your hand and create the ultimate magic by taking different angles in different lights etc. Also, you can incorporate lampshades and other props to get the type of picture you have imagined in your mind. You can also change the background colours to make your imagination turn into reality.

While sitting within the comfort of your home, you can earn like other studio photographers because now you have the tools to get the perfect product images professionally.

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60*60cm/40*40cm photo accessories

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60*60cm/40*40cm photo accessories

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folding light box

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desktop photo box with lighting

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Dimmable photo box

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Lightbox for phone ipad camera photography


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