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Hair Growth Care Treatment Laser Massage Comb

Hair Growth Care Treatment Laser Massage Comb

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A relaxing therapy and a healthier scalp

Treat yourself with this upgraded hairbrush comb and relieve your stress of the day. A brush that can help you get rid of all the fatigue by giving you some enjoyable massage. This head massager is not only a source of respite to your scalp but it also regulates blood circulation thus resulting in increased hair growth. It also improves the quality of your hair by regulating hair secretions from the scalp. Your hair health is also improved as hair follicles are activated which leads to a reasonable reduction in hair loss.

Capillus laser hair cap

You might want to know the wonders of this hair brush massager and how is it any different from other head massagers. The answer lies in the fact that this hairbrush is made by using the advanced laser technology that helps in the stimulation of hair growth cells. Capillus laser hair cap combines the laser technology with infrared rays which ultimately leads to the speedy hair growth. Laser hair growth combines the power of infrared light to augment the growth of new hair. It also helps in the reduction of potential hair loss, thickening of your hair, and ultimately making your hair more voluminous.

How to use head massager for hair growth?

The hairbrush comb comes with an advanced vibrator embed in it which can help you alleviate stress as well as enhance hair growth. Using the comb 15-20 minutes a day will prove really helpful and you will be able to see some noticeable results within 8 to 12 weeks. Just switch on the button on the brush and the head massager will begin to vibrate. After using it to comb your hair, turn the switch off and it will take 3 seconds to complete the function.

Combating hair growth issues equally for men and women

Hair growth and hair loss are two problems faced by men and women equally. This hair brush is designed to cater to the needs of both the genders. This innovative brush uses laser hair growth method to combat hair problems specifically relating to growth. The bristles of the brush are soft and flexible enough to help relieve stress after a long tiring day.

Compact and durable

Hair brush comb is compact and it is easy to be carried around. Moreover, the handheld hair brush massager is comfortable to use. It is soft and durable, just switching on the vibrator will let you enjoy the magic. Appreciate some comfort to relax your perplexed nerves while sitting in your comfort zone. You can use it in your office during a short break or even during your study hours, etc. The benefits are surely incredible and therefore, the price is worth your money.

Incomparable results in such a small brush

The effectiveness of this brush is incomparable when it comes to fighting hair growth issues. Research suggests that anxiety and tension also lead to hair loss. Thus about one fourth of the world population is suffering hair loss. Apart from these issues, split and greasy hair also account as the perplexing problems. Capillus laser hair cap comes to the rescue in getting rid of all these issues. So, sit back, use this comb and relax!

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17 reviews for Hair Growth Care Treatment Laser Massage Comb

  1. I***k

    Delivery is very fast. The courier brought home in 4 days. Everything is perfectly packed. In the kit the comb itself and the instruction. From you only need to insert 2 AA batteries. When you turn on, the LED light bulbs and the comb begin to vibrate. Comb conducive to hair growth. This is a great massage for the head. Blood flow will increase to the scalp and this should affect hair growth. Comfortable and easy to use. Prevents hair loss and makes hair thicker, stronger and healthier. Use a few minutes a day to accelerate blood circulation so that hair gets more oxygen and nutrition. Vibration effect improves blood circulation in the scalp, promotes metabolism and makes the hair healthy

  2. E***a

    Looks quality

  3. A***a

    Perfect, I see the effect

  4. K***

    Useful piece

  5. K***


  6. E***a

    Delivery 7 days, brought by Courier

  7. T***t

    I order in this store not the first time. Quality of goods at altitude. Shipping fast. Courier to the apartment. Packing is good. Track is tracked all the way. Thank you to the store for the good work.

  8. R***r

    Turns on, lights up, but vibrates like a hammer. It’s not nice.

  9. V***a

    Impressed considering the price. Like the fact that the bristles can be removed and cleaned. Nice massage effect. Takes 2 AA batteries.

  10. Customer

    I waited a little more than a month. A comb came and immediately tried. Massage well. Works as in the description. And the bulbs are flashing. I liked it. I’ll use it.

  11. J***a

    Pack quickly for me future

  12. *.

    For hair loss treatment is excellent

  13. Customer

    For a long time I wanted such a comb. Well massages the head.))) I liked it very much. Delivery to the post office in a week.

  14. N***a

    Fast delivery to Mo. Quality pleased, for such a price just a find.

  15. A***.

    Soft infrared clearance will improve blood circulation, so that oxygen and nutrients will be directed to the hair follicle, which in turn prevents the effect of hair loss. 2. effectively stimulates hair follicle, can activate 83% hair follicles during a short period. When using infrared before bedtime, activation of hair follicles occurs during sleep, which contributes to hair regeneration. 3. the comb is able to regulate the secretion of natural fats, improves hair health and hair quality. Features: Infrared radiation with low energy, stimulates hair follicle and controls the section, Accelerates blood circulation and promotes metabolism. Frequent use of soft infrared radiation in hair bulbs can accelerate hair growth and strengthen tightness, proximity and flexibility of hair. Parameters: Type: massage comb Color: White Material: ABS plastic Power supply: 2x AA batteries (not included)

  16. T***t

    Laser comb for hair. Means for hair care, massage comb for hair. Laser hairbrush helps strengthen microcirculation in the scalp. This is necessary for awakening hair follicles. They get more nutrients from the body, grow better, have a healthy appearance. The comb works on two finger batteries. Nice head vibration. Very well calms. About hair growth, it’s early. But the headache was removed literally in 10 minutes. The order is very satisfied

  17. E***a

    A comb came quickly a little more than 15 days, batteries are not included. The quality of plastic leaves much to be desired. The box is all crumpled, one tooth is broken, two others are bent. Two modes-vibration and vibration with three bulbs. I can not say anything about the result yet, I will use it.

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